Hafnium Test

Script will download the latest Powershell from Microsoft’s GitHub and then execute it. Output files will be uploaded to GetFiles. THESE FILES NEED TO BE REVIEWED as the script doesn’t have any ability to do that. Email will be sent to executing Admin with the results.

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Gather Power Settings (VA)

Uses a powershell script to grab current profile’s power settings. Reports to procedure log, uploads a detailed settings file to the Get File tab on the agent, and updates 2 custom fields (CF-Power and CF-Power Detail). This script is based on one written by Vladislav Semko, from https://automationexchange.kaseya.com/products/916

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Windows Activation Status

Runs Powershell script to determine if installed Windows is activated. Will email you with any result that is not a "1" (activated). You can report on tags $WinActive$ and $OOD$ (for fails)

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Procedure Start service if stopped (by service name)

This procedure will execute a start service command on a named service. With the addition of wildcards you can make sure this script will continue to function properly even when the service in question changes between version numbers or small name updates. This can be really useful for software that is occasionally renaming services across…

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Geolocate Your Endpoints

Geo-locate agent (to custom field)

Want to know where in the world your endpoints are located? This script will grab a geolocation (based on the endpoints IP) and store it in a custom field in Kaseya for easy reporting. This won’t give an exact location, but it will put your endpoints in the neighborhood so you can see if the…

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Report on if a program is not installed

Programs not Installed (Prompt for Name)

Ever want to check to see if a certain software is, or is not installed on your endpoint machines? Now you can do it easily across all of your Kaseya endpoints! Using the script here, you simply enter in the name of the software that you are looking for and it will scan any number…

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Disable Extensions in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer – disable extensions and addons

Internet Explorer has advanced support for many extensions and addons that have been generated throughout the years. However, unfortunately, this support has mostly been used in corporate environments or for malicious purposes. There doesn’t seem to be a strong middle ground. While Internet Explorer as a whole is going by the wayside in favor of…

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Internet SpeedTest to custom fields

Uses portable SpeedTest utility to check for d/l, u/l, latency and ISP. Custom fields must be set up prior to import or script will need to be edited. Custom field names are: ST-ISP, ST-Latency, ST-DownloadSpeed, ST-UploadSpeed. Results are also reported to the procedure log. If you do not wish to use custom fields disable lines…

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Reboot Nanny

Sometimes you just need to “Turn if off and on again”. This script folder with 3 scripts provides the logic to allow Kaseya to smart reboot machines on a recurring basis so they don’t run more than a month without a proper reboot. Only the primary ‘Reboot Nanny’ script should be scheduled/ran. Once executed, this…

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Windows File Extensions, Show

Sets registry keys so that file extensions and hidden files can be shown.

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