A Library To Speed You Along

ClubMSP is the product of five years of helping managed services providers learn how to optimize their internal processes so that they can increase their revenue with less work. Well over 1000 MSPs have used our resources and training to lay the foundation for success in their organizations. As we have refined our managed services support program we’ve tried hard to laser focus on the things that make managed services difficult and eradicate them.

By tapping into the managed services community and spending countless hours of our own time we’ve been able to put together a program that will expand your company’s horizons and give you the chance to do simple things like take a vacation or maybe even get off at the end of the business day.

How ClubMSP Came About.

ClubMSP is the ongoing saga of Network Depot’s desire to help MSPs expand. Back in 2006 Network Depot was formed by the merger of two separate IT organizations. By bringing together two sets of customers and two philosophies of how to manage them under one roof Network Depot was forced to answer some hard questions about how to run an IT services business. One of the most basic questions (though, not so basic at the time) was the question of how to remotely manage the large number of nodes that Network Depot was responsible for. Ultimately, the two managing partners (Chris Amori (President, Partner Services) and Rich Forsen (CEO)) at Network Depot landed on a software called Kaseya. Impressed by its ability to allow their technicians to care for the large number of machines under their purview they began to talk to other IT companies at the conferences that they would attend about its capabilities.

Their comments didn’t go unnoticed and soon they found themselves arranging for demos of the software for other IT companies. As time went by and began to host Kaseya as a service for a few local IT shops. One day they woke up and realized that they had over 1000 agents on their machines that didn’t belong to them. So, they set about establishing a special branch of Network Depot to help other IT companies bring Kaseya on board.

The new program, Virtual Administrator, has been and is still a rousing success. Well over 1000 MSPs have utilized the resources that we have made available to expand their income base and simplify the management process of their customer’s machines. But as our relationship with Kaseya has evolved we have found the need to filter down the “Virtual Administrator advantage” into a separate program that could allow managed services providers to take advantage of our skills, knowledge, and resources without having to purchase Kaseya through Virtual Administrator. And thus, ClubMSP was born.

What is ClubMSP.

The ultimate goal of ClubMSP is to demystify managed services and simplify the process of dropping it in to your IT business. We know that we have done our job when you find yourself doing less work and making more money. It’s as simple as that.

ClubMSP is comprised of many resources to help you reach that goal. We have organized them on the site for you to be able to quickly browse and select what’s best for your specific scenario. Every MSP is unique so you will find some of our scripts and resources more relevent to you than others. But that is why we published it all here!

Get Started Today.

ClubMSP is a membership community. We have built a carefully gated community to make sure that MSPs who are serious about their growth can get the help and attention that they need. If you have been struggling to get your MSP over the hump and onto the next level of business then ClubMSP is for you. Check out our registration page for a list of all the things currently available at ClubMSP. You won’t regret it :-).