Chris Amori

Verify Service is Running

Script will prompt for service to check to see if it is running.   It will query the service and will write the results to the script log.   You can run a report of the results by using the $ISRunning$ tag.

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Kaseya Script – Microsoft DFS Replication Backlog Check

Runs DFSRDIAG.exe Backlog to see if there is any replication backlog problems. Prompts for sending/receiving servers and groups. Prompts for email to send alert to. Will send email and create an alert if there is ANY backlog, so suggestion is to run it when there shouldn’t be any updates (after hours). Requires that local credentials…

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Outlook Temp Folder Cleaner

Script Desc: ** REQUIRES USER TO BE LOGGED IN ** Script downloads OutlookTempCleaner from, and installs an MSI. It then runs the software with the “-emptyfolder” switch to clean up all the Outlook Temp files.

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