MS Stack Audit (May 2019)

Servicing Stack Updates are updates made to the tools Windows uses to update your machine. Historically, these updates are not very common though we have seen four updates in a row between December 2018 and May 2019. This script is updated when new SSU updates are released.

It is very important that you install the latest servicing stack updates otherwise Kaseya (or any RMM using WUA) may not properly identify that your machine needs to be patched. It will show the machine being up to date, but it is not.

Learn more about Servicing Stack Updates here:

This script does a wmic lookup to determine if the proper KB is installed.

The list by OS can be found here: Will write result to the procedure log and send an email if patch is missing. Can report using $KBaudit$ and $OOD$.

View the following video for how to build a report from this audit (just change out the tags for $KBaudit$ and $OOD$):

This script was created on April 10, 2019 and includes patches listed on that page on that date.


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