Script Category: AntiVirus

Windows Defender Definitions Updated within X days

Performs a dump of protectionManagement (VBS) and/or Get-MpComputerStatus (Powershell). If either returns the Windows Defender information the script will use another VBS to pull the virus signature age and compare it to the number you will be asked to input when the script is run. Defender information does not appear to be accessible on anything older than Windows 8. Can report using $Defender$, $OOD$, $UTD$.

Push KAV/Kaspersky Definition update

Push KAV/Kaspersky Definition update –  forces an update of the AV definitions. This script was originally provided by Kaseya support, but was updated on 3/14/16 after post by Combo claiming better luck with it running as a file, vs. shell. .   Modified slightly by Virtual Administrator. WARNING:  This Agent Procedure is provided “AS-IS”.   Agent… Continue Reading

Check Kaseya KAV Definition Date

Check Kaseya KAV Definition Date –  Script requires that you setup a Custom field called “KAVDefinitionsOutOfDate”.  This script and concept were originally published by Gonzalo Carrillo at Kaseya (, but we updated and modified the script to include all version of Kaseya, and we also removed the requirement to have to input an exact date… Continue Reading

AVG – Reset system permissions

AVG – Reset system and registry permission to clear up potential installation error. WARNING! This can take a while to run! Use if you get MSVCR71.dll error.    Downloads Microsoft’s SubInAcl program to temp folder, and reset.cmd.  Log into system and run Continue Reading

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