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      Change Service Startup Type

      Script prompts for service name, do not enter display name. Script then prompts for startup type, only enter number 2 = Automatic Startup, 3 = Manual Startup, 4 = Disabled. Script then writes to script log if successful.

      Disable Kaspersky 10 SystemWatcher

      Script executes command” stop sw2 /password=KaseyaUninstall, which disables Kaspersky 10 SystemWatcher. Script then writes to script log if successful.

      Enable Windows Automatic Updates

      Script sets a registry key to enable Windows automatic updates and enables users to change setting. Script then writes to script log if successful.

      Windows SFC Scan/Repair

      Script runs the sfc /scannow command to run the Windows system file checker. SFC will repair any system files if needed. Script then writes if any files were repaired or if system files were ok.

      Windows SFC Verify Only

      Script runs the sfc /verifyonly command to determine if any system files need to be repaired. Script then compares results and writes if scan is needed or not.

      Register VGX.dll

      Undo Microsoft’s IE Security Advisory Fix 2963983, by re-registering vgx.dll

      Unregister VGX.dll

      Does Microsoft IE Security Advisory Fix 2963983, by unregistering vgx.dll

      AVG Silent Uninstaller

      Script downloads latest AVG uninstall tool. Script then executes AVG uninstaller with the silent and norestart arguments. Script then writes to script log if successful and cleans up any files downloaded. Updated 5-20-2014 with 2014 uninstallers

      Outlook Temp Folder Cleaner

      Script Desc: ** REQUIRES USER TO BE LOGGED IN ** Script downloads OutlookTempCleaner from, and installs an MSI. It then runs the software with the “-emptyfolder” switch to clean up all the Outlook Temp files.

      Set Google Chrome Homepage

      This Script is in two parts. The script prompts for the run parameters and then runs the script marked “do no schedule”.   It takes 2 parameters when scheduled: hompage url, and run mode. Do not schedule the second script, it won’t work without run parameters. Script then downloads and runs a Visual Basic Script to modify…

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