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    Kaseya Agent Icon with Remote Login (undo)

    Script adjusts registry so that when using RDP into a machine with an Agent running the agent icon will no longer appear on the remote desktop.

    DELL Command Update – Audit Only

    Script will verify that a Dell Optiplex, Latitude, or Precision workstation is selected. It will check for old versions of updater and uninstall them. It will then install the latest version of “Dell Command | Update”, download and set a settings file, and then run an audit (No updates are done with this script). You…

    Disable Windows Auto Update – Key Audit

    Checks for the existance of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU Key, and then checks for the value of NoAutoUpdate. You can report by using tag = $PatchDelay$ or $OOD$ (if it is missing or not set to 1).

    Bing prevention and removal

    Prevents Bing extension being installed and uninstalls if present. This extention causes Chrome to default to Bing as the search engine and also integrates Bing searches into the taskbar.

    Bing start Menu Search (disable, Win10)

    Turns off bing serches when typing into the search bar of the start menu. This is done using by modifying 2 registry values in ‘\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search’

    Bing Start Menu Search (enable, Win10)

    Turns on bing serches when typing into the search bar of the start menu. This is done using by modifying 2 registry values in ‘\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search’

    Windows 10 Update to latest Build

    Script will check for at least 30GB of free space on the C drive. It will also check to make sure the Intel Rapid Restore version will is higher than 15.9. It will also check to make sure that Windows is Activated and will then create a Restore Point (if enabled on that machine), and…

    Win 10 Version Audit to Custom Field

    Script locates the Windows 10 Version number and writes to to custom field (W10 Version) as well as to Agent Procedure Log. You can report using tag "$Win10$" NOTE: Make sure you have created the custom field BEFORE importing script, or you will need to re-link it at line 6.

    System Restore Scripts

    A folder of scripts that will enable and disable system restore. As well as a script to create a restore point.

    Safe Mode Reboot Off (Win 7+)

    Sets machine to reboot back into normal mode after using the "Safe Mode Reboot On" script. Inspired by Craig Allan’s script pack. Works on Windows 7 and later. For older Windows OSs use Reboot to Normal Mode.