In this second installment to the Kaseya Core Training program, Chris Amori goes in depth into monitoring desktops and workstations using Kaseya’s powerful tools for monitoring and alerting.

The following four videos cover Alerts, Event Sets, Monitor Sets, and the Alarm Summary, as well as a few other misc topics. So dive in and get a handle on perhaps the most powerful feature of Kaseya:

Kaseya Monitoring Overview / Alerts

Topics Discussed:

  • Kaseya’s Alert Summary Screen
  • The relation between the Kaseya Agent and the Kaseya Server
  • Alert trigger time and alert rearm time
  • Disable Remote Control on Kaseya Agent.
  • Alert on Application Changes
  • Alert on Hardware Changes
  • Low Disk alerts
  • Clearing alerts and alert management
  • New agent alerts

Kaseya Event Monitoring

Topics Discussed:

  • Types of Event Audits (EWISFCV)
  • How to create event log monitor sets (Event Sets)
  • How to create and work with an ignore list
  • Quick into to Utility of Dashboards
  • How to change email that Event alerts are sent to.

Kaseya Monitor Sets

Topics Discussed:

  • Assigning Monitoring
  • Working with Monitoring Presets
  • Editing a Monitoring Set
  • Monitoring Thresholds
  • Creating Custom Monitor Sets
  • Monitoring Server Applications
  • Setting Alarm Intervals, Rearm Time, And More.

Alarm Summary and Wrap Up

Topics Discussed:

  • Alarm Summary Screen
  • Handling Fired Alarms
  • Sorting And Sifting Through Alarms
  • System Check Screen – Monitoring External Appliances
  • Monitoring Text File Logs
  • SNMP Monitoring