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If you are using Bitlocker to secure the hard drives on your customer’s machines, this script will allow you to document the status.   Run the script on the machine, and it will use a custom fields to record the Protection Status, Volume status, and Encryption percentage.   It will also extract and store the key to both a customer field, and to a file on the VSA.

This script requires that you setup 4 custom fields (If you are on our Hosted Servers, they may already be there, please check before setting up).  The field names are documented in the script.   Once they are setup, you will need to associate a script field with these fields the first time you use it.

This script grabs bitlocker information and saves it into the script log and custom fields in Kaseya for reporting later on. The information this script grabs is:

  • Key
  • Protection Status
  • Volume Status
  • and Encryption Percentage

You will need to have custom fields in place for these four things and then edit the script to link each of the 8 lines to those fields (4 lines but there’s a separate section for 32 and 64 bit).

ClubMSP VIP members, Go!Manage, Hosted Kaseya, and Kaseya SaaS partners can schedule training to learn more information about editing scripts. We will be creating a video soon as well.


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