Windows 11

Cleanup Scripts plus Storage Sense

A set of scripts to do manual cleanup of user folders, plus a set of script to manage Storage Sense. The basic cleanup scripts have to be run for every cleanup. The procedures to configure Storage Sense is done using registry keys. Can configure any option in the Windows 10/11 Storage Sense menu, including which…

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Windows Notifications

Script set to disable (or re-enable) notification settings in Windows using registry keys. Primarily for Windows 11, and it includes scripts to disable notification settings like: “Get tips and suggestions when I use Windows”, “Show Windows welcome experience after updates and…”, “Allow notifications to play sounds”, and others. Script works best when no user is…

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Windows 11 block upgrade (unblock, bypass TPM/CPU reqs)

Script sets registry keys to unlock Windows 10 machine to allow upgrade to Windows 11. This includes a key to allow install if the machine doesn’t meet the TPM or CPU requirements.

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