Event 2188 and 2189 battery check

Meant to be ran after a 2188 (DELL Battery Event) was detected. Reschedules itself for 2 hours and reports if the 2189 has cleared the 2188. If not, an email is sent.

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Warranty Audits

Uses APIs to get warranty expiration for Dell, Toshiba, HP, and Lenovo machines. Requires custom field “Warranty Exp” and “Date Purchased” (Dell only) to be created prior to import. Contains 3 scripts in a folder. The “AIO” script will check if the custom field is already populated, and if not will check the API and…

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Dell Driver Update

Dell Security Advisory Update DSA-2021-088 install

Downloads and runs Dell’s removal tool for the vulnerable driver. Prints results to the procedure log. Can report using $DBUtil$.

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DELL Command Update – Audit Only

Script will verify that a Dell Optiplex, Latitude, or Precision workstation is selected. It will check for old versions of updater and uninstall them. It will then install the latest version of “Dell Command | Update”, download and set a settings file, and then run an audit (No updates are done with this script). You…

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