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Audit – MS Outlook Version (by build)

Microsoft has announced that by October 31st, 2017, they will no longer support RPC over HTTP for O365. You can read about it here:–2017

This means that only certain versions of Outlook will work. To help you identify Outlook installations that are out of compliance, we have developed this script to audit your Outlook install.

The script checks file system locations for “outlook.exe” and gets the version number from the file. It then compares the build number to minimum required build numbers stored as variables in the script at lines 5-9. The script will write to the procedure log if the outlook version is above or equal to that build version. Can report using $Outlook$, $UTD$, or $Audit$.
If the installed file is below the required minimum, then it will write to the Agent Procedure log with a $OOD$ tag.

If your version of office is not being detected send the file location of your outlook.exe to VirtualAdministrator so it can be added as a search location.

BGInfo – add to startup

Adds BGInfo and a default custom file to the kworking directory. Then adds registry entry to run on startup using the custom file. Can edit line 3 to use “WriteFile” command and use your own custom BGInfo file, if desired. Continue Reading

Windows Defender Definitions Updated within X days

Performs a dump of protectionManagement (VBS) and/or Get-MpComputerStatus (Powershell). If either returns the Windows Defender information the script will use another VBS to pull the virus signature age and compare it to the number you will be asked to input when the script is run. Defender information does not appear to be accessible on anything… Continue Reading

Kaseya Live Connect Install

Downloads KLC from the KServer attached to the agent and installs silently.  This script should be used to update a Technician or Kaseya Administrator’s workstation on a regular basis.   We would suggest running this the morning after updates are done to the server, likely no more than once per week.      This script… Continue Reading

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