Script OS: Windows Workstation

Windows Defender Definitions Updated within X days

Performs a dump of protectionManagement (VBS) and/or Get-MpComputerStatus (Powershell). If either returns the Windows Defender information the script will use another VBS to pull the virus signature age (in days) and compare it to the number you will be asked to input when the script is run. Defender information does not appear to be accessible on anything older than Windows 8. Can report using $Defender$, $OOD$, $UTD$.

Domain Expiration Check

This script runs on an endpoint to check the expiration of domain. Recommended to run this script once per month on an internal endpoint for each domain you wish to monitor. This is a good reminder for domains which might be managed by third parties so you can cover for your clients in case a… Continue Reading

SmbServerNameHardeningLevel Workaround (KB3161561)

KB3161561 is causing issues with file sharing. This script changes some registry entries that resolves the problem. Sets the SmbServerNameHardeningLevel registry entry to 0. For more information about how to configure the SmbServerNameHardeningLevel entry, see the “Workarounds” section of Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-083. See June’s Patch Blog for more details. Continue Reading

Office 365 (O365) Audit

Checks for the existence of both Office 2013 and  Office 2016 “Click to run” keys, indicating Office 365 is present,  and writes to the Agent procedure log with $O365-16$ or $O365-13$ tags.    Use a Legacy Log report (Agent Procedure Log), and filter on ” *$O365* ” to get all the results, or the individual tags… Continue Reading

Idle Logoff

Downloads the idlelogoff.exe utility by Procedure prompts for time limit and action for the utility. Then downloads a vbs that creates a startup link for the utility with the supplied arguments. The utility is then run if a user is logged in.   The program is used as described in this article. Uninstall script… Continue Reading

Browser History to CSV

Uses nirsoft tool to get browser history and upload as a csv to Kserver. For specific browser history searches you can edit the first line of this script. Command line options are found here: Continue Reading

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