The Three Bread and Butter Techniques for Finding New MSP Clients

The Three Bread and Butter Techniques for Finding New MSP Clients

One of the most seemingly difficult tasks that every MSP must tackle is the art of finding new clients. The first step to building a proper sales funnel is to make sure that it is packed with qualified prospects. But it is not uncommon for MSP sales to find themselves staring blankly into the distance unable to come up with ways to turn up new leads.

There are many ways that you can find qualified leads for your company and here are a few that we have found work well:


Referrals are basically the bread and butter of many managed services providers and it can be surprising just how many MSPs rely almost solely on referrals for new business. While referrals can often turn into excellent clients, it’s probably best to make sure that it only comprises a portion of the lead generation process.

Nevertheless, it is a good idea for an MSP to always remind their clients that they have openings for new customers. Offer incentives to your current clients such as discounts, movie tickets, or other gifts to thank them for any referrals that they might send your way. It’s also a good idea to do the “five doors up and five doors down” routine when visiting clients. Basically, when visiting a client you simply knock on the offices five doors up the hall and five doors down the hall and leave a flyer, brochure, coupon, or maybe even a gift of some kind to let them know that you are doing business in their building. (Make sure that this doesn’t conflict with the rules of the office building.)

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