Script Category: Java

Java disable sponsor apps

Java likes to install stuff like Ask toolbar and other such things when it auto updates. This script adds registry entries that changes it’s default behavior to skip those sponsor applications.

Java OOD Versions Uninstaller

Performs a registry audit for installed Java versions. Pulls in text file containing Java version information and executes an uninstall for any java version that is not current. This will uninstall all Java 5, 6 and 7 versions as well. Continue Reading

2016 Java Install/Update/Uninstall

Latest 2016 script to silently install , uninstall and update 32/64 bit Java.  Performs a registry audit for installed program(s). Uses audit information to extract an uninstall string and perform an uninstall. It then re-audits the registry to confirm the uninstall was successful.    Also installs the latest version.   Writes results to Agent Procedure Log. This… Continue Reading

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