Script Category: Patch Deployment

Admin Tools Win7 (KB958830 Install)

Attempts to silently install kb patch which includes adding Win7 scripting support for bitlocker. Install confirmation is reported to the script log. KB is only for Win7.

MS17-10 Audit

MS17-10 Audit script will check Windows Vista on up for the MS17-10 patch which re-mediates a vulnerability that is being used by ransomware.   Writes to agent procedure log using $MS17$ and $OOD$ tags. Limited testing has been done, please test in your environment 5-14-17 – Updated script to remove duplicate KB check. 5-15-17 – Updated… Continue Reading

Windows Creators Defer Update

This agent procedure will block (defer) Windows 10 Creators Update on Windows 10. The windows update cannot be blocked be it can be delayed for 180 days changing a few windows options via registry keys. This procedure works on Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education only. If you are unable to see or copy the… Continue Reading

KB3035583 Uninstall

Removes the Windows 10 invite patch KB3035583 from the computer.   Supports 32 and 64 bit machines.   (c) Copyright 2014 Network Depot, LLC (Virtual Administrator) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This script is the property of Network Depot, LLC (dba VirtualAdministrator), and use is restricted to active clients. Do not re-distribute without written authorization.   Continue Reading

BUDR Fix (KB2194664)

Downloads and installs MS Hotfix KB2194664 with the /quiet /norestart arguments. Deletes hotfix installer then writes to script log if successful. Continue Reading

KB969168 Silent Install

Checks either x86 or x64 then downloads msu files and executes with argument stored from step 1. Script then deletes all files and writes to script log if successful. Please read KB969168 article before deploying. Continue Reading

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