Script Category: 3rd Party Apps

BGInfo – add to startup

Adds BGInfo and a default custom file to the kworking directory. Then adds registry entry to run on startup using the custom file. Can edit line 3 to use “WriteFile” command and use your own custom BGInfo file, if desired.

Adobe Acrobat Update

Downloads and executed a vbs to perform update to Acrobat version 9 or above. Will not update version 9 to 9.1 automatically, but does download the installer so it can be done manually. Can report using the following tags: $Acrobat$, $OOD$, $UpToDate$. Continue Reading

Bitlocker status

If you are using Bitlocker to secure the hard drives on your customer’s machines, this script will allow you to document the status.   Run the script on the machine, and it will use a custom fields to record the Protection Status, Volume status, and Encryption percentage.   It will also extract and store the key to… Continue Reading

Google Chrome set prompt for download

This script will reset Chrome Download settings on a given machine. Chrome will prompt for new downloads, and also reset the download directory to the user’s download folder. This script will download a small VB script in order to function. Continue Reading

Adobe Acrobat Audit

Script downloads a VBS that searches the registry for any version of Adobe Acrobat. If found, the VBS will download a corresponding text file to identify the latest version for that edition of Acrobat. Using that file it will compare the installed version to the latest version and then report back to the Kaseya script… Continue Reading

Ninite all-in-one UpdateOnly

This is a folder that contains several scripts. These scripts will not install new programs, just update from a list of programs. If you have Ninite licenses through Virtual Administrator, you will use the “VA” scripts. To properly use these scripts requires a minor editing of the script and a little prep work. If you… Continue Reading

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